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Photo Books

I just want some photo book general information.
How do I use the Book Designer?
How do I edit my cover?
Do you offer any cover templates or examples?
Do you offer any templates for your books?
What about sending in CD for photo uploading?


How can I edit my photo galleries?
How can I secure my photos from the public?
Can I use my gallery for Photo Sharing?
What do I need to know about Uploading photos?


Is it easy to upload a PDF?
Can you help with the PDF creation process?
Do you have any specs for PDFs?
Tips on Cropping and Bleed


What binding options do you offer?
What book sizes do you offer?
How do I create my Spine?
What are your paper specifications?
Do you offer Book Cover Specifications?


What is the difference between CMYK & RGB?
Can I match my color?
What if have black & white photos?


I have some questions about orders.
What will my book cost?
How will my book print?
What ship options do you offer?
What is your return policy?
What is your Holiday Shipping Schedule?


What scrapbooking software would be easy to use?

Selling my books

Can I sell my books?

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