Apple Aperture

Apple's prfoessional level image editing software

Aperture is a high end software application for photograph organization and developing. Along with Adobe Lightroom these applications are favored by professional photographers for their productivity and sophisticated tools.

Aperture allows you to create a photo book right in the program, much like its smaller sibling sibling application, Apple iPhoto.

Creating a press ready PDF

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Proper Margins for the Cover Page

Many Aperture users want to create Imagewrap Hardcover books. This is very easy to do, however you may need to adjust the location of your text on the Cover page because extra margin is needed to allow wrapping of the printed cover over the corners of the book. Interior pages do not need to be adjusted.
The attachment id given is not valid.By default, Aperture puts your title too close to the edge.
The attachment id given is not valid.Click Edit Layout and use the square handles to move the text boxes towards the center of the page.
The attachment id given is not valid.Interior pages are OK since only 1/8" is cut from each side, so there is no need to adjust those.


Sara France: Creating a Photo Book (Aperture In Action) Aperture 2, but an excellent 3 minute tutorial on layouts