About Us

Welcome To Photo Books, Eh!

One could argue that your photographs are your most prized possession. Their worth can't be measured in dollars, and most people would grab as many photographs as they could from a burning house. Photographs are an irreplaceable record of your life, of family and friends, of events which mark the time line of your life.

Photo Books, Eh! is the place where you can share your life and the wonderful journeys that color your living. We provide you a place to upload photos and create photo books about your favorite places and memorable adventures.

Our Products

While it is absolutely true our services are free, we do intend to create some revenue, so Photo Books, Eh! can keep rockin'! Our product is a fabulous custom print on demand photo book that you create with the Photo Books, Eh! bookmaking process. We are thrilled to be able to provide the means to upload your images today and receive your photo book in the mail 5-6 business days later. We also offer the ability to upgrade your storage capacity. If the 200 MB of free photo storage is not enough, we offer more MB for reasonable annual fees. So if you really want to share your world, contact us. to upgrade.

Commitment to Quality & Service

Photo Books, Eh! is dedicated to providing a quality product and extraordinary service. Producing on-demand products of exceptional quality with record speed is always in the forefront of our decisions. By combining the quality of our books with our no-touch manufacturing process we are able to offer customers the superior photo books they demand. For all trim sizes our covers are full color, laminated 100# Ultra Gloss Cover Stock, Digital Color Silk - C2S, 90 bright. Our perfect bound sizes (8.5x11 and under) use either interior matter paper 80# Digital color uncoated white, 96 bright, or 100# coated Gloss. All books are printed with a Xerox iGen 3. All of our paper is acid-free.

While our technology is a cornerstone of our business, we believe it is our members who set us apart and will build our future. We recognize you have a variety of photo book choices, and we are committed to being your photo book print solution of choice. We trust that if we can consistently deliver a high quality product, meet your time demands, and give you the value you expect and deserve, we will be your "Printer of Choice". was founded with the core commitment to exceptional service: we endeavor to surpass every customer's expectations. Centering a business around quality and customer service may sound obvious but we are serious, and thus have these goals written in all our documents and on the walls to keep the focus daily.

Who We Are

Photo Books, Eh! is a subsidiary of Photobooks.Pro. Our products are printed through a network of print factories. We print as much as possible using our Oakville, Ontario site as shipping is faster and does not incur additional shipping duties. Not all products can be produced in Oakville, and so some products are moved produced with facilities in the States, most commonly just across Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY.

We would love to hear from you so give us a shout!